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  • For interpretive dance, I will need a banana as a prop. Because you can't do interpretive dance without one, or so my insane friend who does that kind of thing claims.
    I try not to be too judgmental. I get called an elitist punk enough as it is.:lol:

    I'd put up a playlist, but computers are not my friend.
    I'm pretty big on Modest Mouse. I like one Bright Eye's album. And you can't go wrong with NWA.:lol:
    LOL! Thanks! I was almost afraid to come in and see the message -- thought someone would be in here sayin' words to me they couldn't use in the thread!
    Hey pipbull i saw you mention mayday bloodline in a comment on a post about breeding... I have a partner of mine who breeds the mayday line on his yard. That's why i sent you a friend request... The next time he breeds i holla at you if you want!
    Nothing much. Just checking PBC and listening to my dogs run around the house like freaks lol What are you up to?
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    I said that the guy tried to curse me out in hebrew and im like wtf, i dont understand your language retard. honestly. these people cant be any more dumber. They do not know how to stop at a stop sign. Then they blame me for there own shitty mistakes. And then yell at me in Hebrew. they think i understand there language or something?

    thast pretty much what i said since u were curious~~
    Go to your User CP.... and theres a social group thing and something called Hot Topics and Controversial threads... its all politics and religions its really cool.
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