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"A Responsible breeder will...


"A Responsible breeder will...

Please remember, in every litter bred for show or working, there will be puppies that do not meet the high standards a good breeder sets. These pups will go to pet homes. Rarely are all puppies in a litter "show pups." Since the rest will be available to pet homes, there is no need at all to go to someone "just breeding for pets."

"A Responsible breeder will...

Insist the dogs being bred are good breed representatives in body and mind and have proven it by competing is various competitions.

They breed first for their own needs. Puppies not meeting the breeder's desires will be carefully placed in pet or performance homes with a spay/neuter agreement.

They will test for hereditary issues as well as Brucellosis (which can be devastating).

They will require the same standards of dogs they breed to.

They will research pedigrees to try and improve upon their own dogs as well as add to the breed as a whole. Responsible breeders have a goal they breed towards, they do not breed just to see what will be produced.

Has a working knowledge of the genetics behind the dogs (colors, health issues, etc.)

They accept the financial risk and rarely make money off of litters when all the expenses from tests (some must be done annually), feeding, medical care, etc. are tallied up. Responsible breeding does not equal money.

They accept the emotional risk: which include the possible death of a puppy, puppies and/or the mother.

They accept long term responsibility. If for any reason at any time, a buyer cannot keep the dog bought, the breeder will want it back - even if the dog is twelve years old!

If at any time a hereditary issue that was previously unknown to the breed shows up, the breeder will inform all puppy buyers as well as alter the breeding program to prevent the issue from being passed on to any other dogs.

Makes sure all puppies go to carefully screened homes. If there is no home out there, the puppy is kept until one is found. NO puppy ever goes to a pet store or animal shelter. Responsible breeders do not add to the thousands of unwanted pets that are in shelters."

Wow, this is a lot that a good breeder will do!!!

Now what about a bad breeder?

"What an Irresponsible breeder does...

Breeds just for the sake of having a litter. Overall quality of the dogs is secondary. The owner may not even know what a proper breed specimen should look or act like.

Breeds so the kids can witness the miracle of birth. They forget that the children can also witness the miracle of death. What of the mom has trouble? Complications that make an already uncomfortable situation very painful or requiring medical intervention? Do you want you kids to see this?

Breeds just because the have a registered purebred - regardless of whether or not the dog is a good representative.

Does not realize the importance of a pedigree.

Breeds because people have commented "I'd like a dog like that." More often than not, when the puppies are born, these people no longer want one.

Does not look into the health and background of the dogs to be bred.

Does not prove the dogs deserve to be bred.

Will not take long term responsibility. Once the puppies are paid for, they feel the responsibility is out of their hands.

Takes shortcuts and does not provide proper pre and post natal care.

Does not screen homes and will place puppies through newspaper ads, sell to pet shops or dump at shelters if the work gets too much.

Does not temperament test puppies or do any medical care on them (like puppy boosters at 6 weeks)."



Little Dog
Very very VERY good thread! I wish more people would think about these things before breeding. It really is a shame that so many "breeders" are the irresponsible ones. Before people even consider breeding they should read all the qualities of a good breeder and see if they fit that profile, if they don't they should reconsider, but of course, the problem is, if they don't fit that profile they wont care to reconsider. Good breeders research breeding before even considering buying a breeding dog, they know that quality is the most important thing they can do. Another thing responsible breeders do is temperament test breeding dogs. A lot of them not breeding their dogs unless they pass their CGC or TT. I personally wouldn't breed a dog that didn't have its CH in conformation or a weight pulling title, as I am planning on breed conformation dogs though, I wouldn't breed without both titles. Once again GREAT THREAD! Thank you for posting!!! :D
Very good thread!! The miracle of birth turning into the miracle of death is so on point! I've heard this wayyyy to many times and then hear the "oh he's sad cause one of the pups came out dead" crap!
very nice

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good post
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I have a person that wants to
breed to my bullfrog he said he went
over his pedigree and believes he would
be a great stud for his female. Bullfrog took
second place at his first show and is just a wonderful dog
should I let him hit it. if i do is that byb
Online Pedigrees :: :: CASAS' COLBY BULLFROG (CORRECT PED) :: [385616]
what are you guys trying to accomplish in this breeding?
what traits are you trying to bring out/abolish?

we all have wonderful dogs, I believe that unless your dog has fully proved itself in the ring and is not atleast CH. then it has no business being bred. Especially if you dont know the chances of traits being passed down, have you studied how genetics are passed down?


Little Dog
This guy had a lot of great things to say and knew a lot about bloodlines and the history of APBT
I am going to meet with him in a few weeks to meet his fam and talk a little further
I am not trying to accomplish anything he is the one that came to me or was looking for me.
I will say that I have met many of bullfrogs family and they are all great dogs and have a few titles.
Is a matter of fact I have met one guy that waited 14 months to get one of the frogs sister.
I have not seen any bad traits in bullfrog or any of his family, so far knock on wood.
who cares it wont be for a while but I think I wont lose anything by coming to meet
a family that loves the breed maybe after I can make a better decision.

Lee D

Good Dog
i'll be short and sweet with this...if i was you visiongee, id tell the dude to take a leap. be a snob man, dont go letting just anyone have a dog off of yours.
i dont care how nice the bitch is, i dont share...if theres a litter off my dog, i want the whole damn litter for myself. that way im sure i get the best pup off of him.

just something to think about.

Lee D

Good Dog
with that many litters you better be putting some good ones on the ground or its time to close up shop