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JEMS Kennel

I've been looking at JEMS Kennel for my eventual pull-pup I've been looking for. Has anyone had any experience with them? I have looked at their dogs, and it really pleases me that they show their breeding dogs doing work, and the awards they've won. They have no available pups right now, but I am content to sit on a waiting list if this is what I'm looking for.

Edit: removed kennel link -UNO
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First thing you might try asking is why their dogs seem to only live 5-6 years.
I must have not made my reason for posting asking about the kennel and experiences with it clear. I'm sorry, text doesn't convey intent very well.

Do you know anything, specifically, about this kennel and if it is good/bad? I'd prefer to get more information from people 'in the know' than directly contacting the kennel so I have some background first.
First thing you might try asking is why their dogs seem to only live 5-6 years.
Just so happened to come across this. First and foremost thank you Hainsworth for your interest in our dogs. We take great pride in our dogs and they are our family. With that being said, we did lose 2 of our prized multi national champion dogs with in a year of each other. Envy caught Histoplasmosis which is a fungal infection only in Missouri, Mississippi, and Ohio. I took her to 3 different vets trying to find out what was wrong with her, and they all missed the Histoplasmosis until it was too late. $5000 later I lost my best friend, my heart, the dog that taught me what weight pull was... That dog earned more titles in her 5 years than most handlers will earn with multiple dogs in their career. So don't disrespect her or judge me on her unfortunate death, I cry daily over her and it's been almost 4 years. Grudge another multi national champion was shot by our neighbor for chasing their ducks... So "SevenSins" there's your explanation as to why 2 of our dogs died at 5-6 years old, I hope my response was up to your expectations.
Our dogs are proven working dogs and win, if not place at every competition we go to. Again we take great pride in our dogs and do our best to prove they are some of the best in the country.


Just so happened to come across this.

You just happened to come across a post about you made over a year ago? Why do I feel like I'm the only one anymore who doesn't Google my own name?

So "SevenSins" there's your explanation as to why 2 of our dogs died

To be honest, I really don't care what goes on with oversized sport (not working, there is a difference) dogs, especially Bully mixes. I have APBTs, the potential health issues in someone's mixed breeds doesn't affect ME. With that said, YOU don't get to be offended because a potential buyer was informed that they should ask questions of a breeder they were interested in.