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Lost my best friend


Feel bad this being my first post, but I lost my best friend Rocco of 9yrs to lymphoma (cancer) on 9/12/2022. Even though it's been a week, It's still hard for me. I miss his silliness, petting him, playing with him, having him sleep next to my bed snoring loudly. For the first few days after his passing, I've caught myself searching for him. Now, every morning around the time of him passing away I visit his grave. Still not the same going outside without him. Lymphoma took him away fast & didn't gave us the chance of preparing mentally. He was diagnosed and a week or less he deteriorated fast & he was gone. Sorry for the long writing, just needed to "vent". Will post pictures as soon as I figure out how......


Since I can't edit the original post, I'll use this one for his pictures. Mods you're welcome to merge it if you can.......I have more but it's from the day he passed & I don't feel comfortable sharing it. These pictures are days before his passing. You can notice the lymph nodes on his neck (the car pictures).


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