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Need advice on ear crop cleaning


I took my "APBT" in for his ear crop on Monday and he went in for aftercare on Tuesday. I removed his tape today and found it looking extra gooey and a little stinky inside the ear.
My vet strongly advised against using Hydrogen Peroxide on the ear since it would kill off any new growth, and he said to use baby wipes or something that evaporates. So--- my two options are cramming a baby wipe down his ear and using my coffin shaped nails to swipe away the gunk, or--- use a q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol (if he bites me for that one I really don't blame him) to wipe off the crud.
Please tell me that there's another way to clean his ears and prevent infection
Since it's so goopy I really don't want to use a plain baby wipe, I'd like to kill any bacteria that could be growing in there.
Any suggestions for an ear cleaner? And do they look okay? Like, not infected?
Also I won't be rewrapping these ears, I want them to heal before I trap more moisture in there again. Wish I'd have known that before having them taped


Chi Super Dog
@Steph-BCCSDip.DogBhvs If you READ the post, she DID have a vet crop the dog's ears. And please stop posting products on my forum. You are NOT a vet and some of these products might not be recommended for the dog


Cropping is a cosmetic choice. Love it or hate it is not what the thread is about. It's about someone asking advice. If you have advice on care, great, post it and thank you. If not, just scroll on over to the next thread