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Question reguarding prong collar fit

Harleys Momma

Good Dog
I just bought Harley a prong collar and I fit it according to a link I have saved off this site


But my question is that he has you fit the collar to be walked on your left and only your left (by having the rings on the right of the dogs neck), I typically walk Harley on my right (not the issue as I can just switch the side of the rings) but I do not always keep him just on my right as when I go on walks I always have my son with us in a stroller and depending on where we are walking sometimes I need to put Harley on my left. Is that not an option with the prong collar? Is it ok to have the rings on top of the neck if the actual collar is still fitted properly up behing his ears? Or do I just have to change where I walk so that I only keep Harley on that one side when hes wearing the prong collar?


Good Dog
Just turn the collar around (like flip it so the prongs face the same way on the right as they would on the left).

Harleys Momma

Good Dog
My question was more of, once I have a prong collar on do I need to keep him just on that one side or is there a way I can put it on so that I can switch the side hes walking on thoughout our walk?

The site doesnt explain why the rings (where the leash attaches) need to be on the side of the neck as opposed the the top of the neck, he just says it should be on the side. So is there a reason I cannot put the rings on the top of his neck so that I can alternate sides thoughout our walk.

Did that make any sence? Im not the greatest at trying to explain without being able to demonstrate what I mean


Good Dog
Oh I see, the prongs are diagonal so they need the be facing in to work effectively (sort of pull the skin sideways). If you pulled the opposite way from the way they are facing in they wouldn't really correct...correctly they'd just squeeze sort of (had to put one on my leg and test this). So no I don't think that would work as well, though I guess it would work more like a choke chain.


Little Dog
I use something called a Good Dog collar made by Triple Crown. It was given to me by my dog trainer. It takes all the guess work out of which way the prongs should go AND it works. I had more success with it because it was easier to use. Plus it's design and color make it look like a regular collar, unless someone looks closely. So people longer give me the "wow that must be a mean dog" look or the "I can't believe you put that on your dog" look. I have used it on 2 dogs for 3-1/2 years.
Investigate for yourself. Here are 2 links
this one also gives extra info and training suggestions if you look for it.

If anyone has a different experience with these collars let me know!
Good Luck

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just found the collar it on amazon too, used a different search engine...duh


Little Dog
Is that not an option with the prong collar? Is it ok to have the rings on top of the neck if the actual collar is still fitted properly up behing his ears? Or do I just have to change where I walk so that I only keep Harley on that one side when hes wearing the prong collar?

The reasoning behind having the the dog set up to walk at your side with the prong collar set up for either left or right is the correction is easier it turns the dogs head towards you instead of pulling up or creating a posturing position, creating a redirect. The collar will still work if it is centered on the top of the neck, just not as effective and self correcting. If you set it up this way so you can switch sides, you may find corrections easier if you pull to the side vs. straight back or up.
Depending on your dog you may or may not need to use the live ring and can just use the dead ring set-up.

Harleys Momma

Good Dog
Thanks annji, Ill check those out!

I didnt have a problem with which side the prongs go on as far as touching the neck or not it was more just the fact that where the leash attaches is on one side of the neck meaning the dog must stay on just that side.

Lunadogge, thanks that makes sence as to why it should be on the side.

Though Ive tried twice now and I have it adjusted properly and it still slid half way down his neck and turned so the rings (I needed to use the live ring with him for now) was up even though I started both times with it set up for him to walk on my right, rings on his left and collar right up behind his ears. Within 5 minutes it was down his neck and rings facing up.... I cannot put it on any tighter either, its as tight as it could go and still be able to buckle (which I think is a good fit, not to loose, not choking him, it is just snug but not diging in, but it still slips somehow)

This also leads to a second question... I try to give the corrections with a slight tug to the side/towards my leg as opposed to pulling up/back (Ive read this is the most effective way, I used to use a choke chain and used it in this fashion as well, up behind the ears with a sideways correction) and Im having a MAJOR problem with him running into me CONSTANTLY. He tripped me multiple times on our walk this evening and Im constantly kicking his feet because they are right infront of mine. Then while he was walking ahead of me (90% of our walk I have him walk right next to me and then when/if he behaves well I give him some time to walk on a longer leash up next to the stroller) I noticed he was also doing the same thing (drifting) but it was towards my sons stroller (hubby was next to me pushing the stroller and Harley isnt allowed ahead of the stroller so I dont have any tangling issues) and he would walk straight then slowly drift over untill he ran into the stroller (and hubby specifically made a point to walk as straight as he could using a line on the ground) then he would jump back to a decent distance before drifting into the stroller again.. just as he does into me.
Should I stop giving the corrections to the side? Could that be why hes drifting towards me? Or (a few ideas just jumping to mind, not sure if they have anything really to do with it at all) could it be related to his SA? A need to be near something? His SA is fairly bad and we are sslllooowwwllly working on it but our current living arrangments make it very hard to properly deal with a dog with SA so its going slow and my son and I are his top people hes attached to as we are home all day almost every day.... or perhaps somehow related to his hip issue? Hes 12 months old and already showing signs of bad hip problems, could it be he just wants something to lean on to help his hips out? Again just guesses, but it drives me crazy because he full on trips me a couple times every walk and its not fun being just short of landing on your face in the middle of a street (though Im sure its quite funny for anyone whos watching)


Good Dog
As far as slipping you could try putting an adjustable nylon collar right below the prong to keep it high on the neck, also sometimes turning out one of the prongs (so the prongs face out) can tighten or loosen it a little.

If you are pulling him towards you instead of correcting quickly with a POP he may think the correction is for walking too far over. I've had dogs do that and usually just sort of nudge forward through them until they get the personal space idea or use a walking stick to sort of move them into position putting the stick between me and the dog.

If you want to work with him by yourself (no stroller) keeping a treat in your hand at the distance you want him to heel at works, he only gets the treat when he stays there not stands on top of your feet for a free ride down the street.
A properly fitted prong collar should sit high on the dog's neck, just below the ears. It should fit snugly but not too tightly, with enough room to slip a finger between the collar and the dog's skin. The prongs should be facing inward toward the dog's skin, and the collar should be positioned so that the leash attaches to the top of the dog's neck. It is important to note that prong collars should only be used under the guidance of a professional dog trainer or veterinarian, as improper use or fit can cause physical and emotional harm to the dog. If you are considering using a prong collar for your dog, I recommend consulting with a professional who can advise you on whether it is appropriate for your dog's needs and teach you how to use it properly.
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